Committed to protecting the environment

At BAC Flooring & Ceramics, we have an environmental policy in place to ensure we consistently choose environmentally friendly options and observe sustainable practices in the flooring industry.
Actively promoting and encouraging improvement in both the local and worldwide environment, our environmental policy is detailed as follows:

  1.  We endeavour to reduce waste in the planning of all projects, regarding both materials and operations. Where possible, our team encourage more accurate information from customers to reduce any wastage and achieve these goals.
  2.  By favouring the use of non-paper methods of communication and recycling any paper products we do use, BAC Flooring & Ceramics reduces waste and promotes recycling across the entire workforce.
  3.  Wherever possible, we use environmentally friendly products which are both non-toxic and bio-degradable.
  4.  Our team actively promote products and accessories carrying high BRE Global Ratings. We also support manufacturers and suppliers committed to sustainable ideals and protecting the environment.

Sustainable flooring solutions from the experts

When you choose BAC Flooring & Ceramics, you choose a company innovating sustainable practices across the board. You can rest assured that all of our flooring options are developed and fitted with an environmental conscience.

Call us today on 0845 2171760 to find out more about what our flooring company in the West Midlands is doing to protect our environment. You can also email us at with any questions you may have.

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